Excursion Dolphins Watching

Gita Vista Delfini
Boat trip: “Excursion Dolphins Watching”

This boat excursion takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays in the mornings.

Departure from the port of Marina di Campo at 10:00 (it is advisable to be at the port 30 minutes before casting off), the morning trip takes 5 hours and includes a swim stop.

As soon as we leave the Gulf of Marina di Campo, we pass the beach of Fonza on our left, which is also the border between the municipality of Campo nell’Elba and Capoliveri. As soon as we have passed the rock of the Triglia, which is also visible from Marina di Campo, we first see the Gulf of Lacona with its beautiful sandy beaches of Laconella and Lacona. Then we take a ride towards Capo Stella and the beaches of Zuccale, Barabarca, Madonna delle Grazie, Morcone, Innamorata and the beautiful Gemini Islands.

Then we visit the Grotte delle Capre, the old mine and Punta Calamita with all its ruins, the iron mining industry that has been abandoned for years and has now become a national strategic reserve. Before going back, we will have a nice swim stop on the black beach, which will stay in your heart.

The return to the port of Marina di Campo is scheduled for 3:00 p.m.

We recommend
  • Reservations are always welcome and recommended.
  • Show up at the ticket office on board 30 minutes before boarding.
  • This boat excursion is often a great pleasure for our guests, also because of the sightings of dolphins and sea turtles, especially in the off-season when the shipping routes are not very crowded.
  • We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the time of year, protect yourself with hats and tanning lotions, and bring your bathing suit with a beach towel and a camera to capture these beautiful places and moments that we are about to discover with you.

Please note that the excursion routes and the program may vary depending on weather and sea conditions.