Excursion to the Wreck

Gita al Relitto
Boat trip: “Excursion to the Wreck”

This boat excursion takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays in the afternoons.

Departure from the port of Marina di Campo at 4:15 p.m. (it is advisable to be at the port 30 minutes before casting off), the afternoon trip takes 3 hours and includes a swim stop.

As soon as we leave the port of Marina di Campo, we will see the wild beach and bay of Galenzana, the Vescovo cave and visit the Colle di Palombaia beach. The boat trip continues to the Blue cave to then pass the famous beaches of Cavoli and Seccheto with their natural pools. We enter the bay of Fetovaia, circle its beautiful wild tip and continue to Scoglio dell’Ogliera in front of the beach of Pomonte, which is part of the Costa del Sole. Here we take the longest break so that you can swim / snorkel among the fish and be impressed by the fascinating spectacle that only the Pomonte wreck offers.

The boat trip to the wreck is one of the most atmospheric boat trips on Elba and is also very suitable for children who will be fascinated by the Elviscot wreck, which can also be seen from the surface of the sea, while simply snorkeling with a mask. This environment has favored the reproduction of marine fauna, so everyone will be surrounded by many beautiful fish while snorkeling. An incomparable experience.

Snorkeling is an easy and workable activity for everyone of all ages. Certainly one of the most exciting and impressive experiences on Elba and the excursion to the wreck is perhaps one of the best places that give you the opportunity to explore the wonders of the underwater world of Elba in a small piece of water.

The return to the port of Marina di Campo is scheduled for 7:15 p.m.

Facts about the wreck

The Elviscot wreck was originally a 65-meter-long cargo ship flying the Italian flag, which overturned against the rocks of the Ogliera in the winter of 1972 due to a strong storm off the village of Pomonte in the south. Today it lies at an average depth of around 10 meters and is even clearly visible from the surface. Snorkeling over the wreck it is possible to see the impressive side of what is left of this fascinating boat, around which many schools of fish cavort, such as smokers and monk fish.

We recommend
  • Reservations are always welcome and recommended.
  • Show up at the ticket office on board 30 minutes before boarding.
  • This boat trip is also very suitable for children, comes with snorkeling equipment.
  • We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the time of year, protect yourself with hats and tanning creams and bring your bathing suit with a beach towel and a camera, maybe also the underwater cameras 😉 to capture these beautiful places and moments that we discover with you will.

Please note that the excursion routes and the program may vary depending on weather and sea conditions.